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18 April 2010 4/18/2010 09:53:00 PM

i've lost the studying mood or motivation whatsoever
and that explains why im online and even blogging
i hope to find it back soon or maybe i have to :)
got back pw results few days back and im glad that ny have 87% A!
yup my entire group got our As too!
our hardwork and all the unhappiness that we've endured during the pw journey is all paid off i guess.
now head towards the battle of the alevel!

yesterday met up with my dearest pings!
not everyone could make it once again :(
anyway gladys chang! hope u're happy thou our surprised was screwed by the wind la hahah
happy belated 18th! our next date we'll go drinking k (L)

im so broke now! after spending on i dont know what hahaha

how real are you, cause i forgot how to differentiate people already
it seems like we're living in a world full of lies, aren't we?


21 March 2010 3/21/2010 09:48:00 PM

why does it still feels sour deep down

20 March 2010 3/20/2010 08:10:00 PM

i wanted to scan in more polaroid pics
but somehow it cant scan with the border of the flim well
haha thats why i gave up scanning it.
anyway i dyed my hair brown just now
apparently its too dark that there's no difference. sad much :(
hopefully eliz's hair will turn out good!
okay shall go back to my 2000 word essay which i've been doing it for hours hahah
just cause i was too distracted by other stuff online :)

picnic time gillzxz :D
19 March 2010 3/19/2010 11:04:00 PM

my power ranger watch ;)

bubble time!

our solo maid pictures ( inside joke) :D

notice the gary the snail? :D

our friendship contract lies in this band :D

picnic with my girls on thurs!
it was awesome despite the crazy weather which goes drizzling, raining and i dont know what's next.
yah so we shopped for the food and all and made our way to
keppel bay island! :D
took alot of pics and blow bubbles
childhood memories uh!
after the picnic we went vivo to shop and we got ourselves cheap deals
u have no idea how lucky we were. hehe
yays cant wait for our next day to ice skating!
just hope it will be soon :D
anyway today study date with eliz!
it was productive, surprisingly i didnt end up playing with her phone
halfway while studying we came out with this idea to do smt
yays hopefully our surprise will turn out well :D

3/19/2010 10:41:00 PM

okay those pics above are taken during my bro's rom
anyway the date they chose was significant cause
my bro's bday is 17 march and his wife is like 20 oct
so it makes up 1703 2010! :D
found it interesting!
i think the place was very pretty aft the decoration by the girls
and the bride, groom balloon sculpture is damn cute but we had hard time having it to stablise on the table cause of the wind!
so happy to see them married :)
but thinking about it, almost everyone in my family are getting settled down with their own family.
its kinda sad for me right since im the youngest :(
oh well doesnt matter haha